Complete Multimedia Course

Training on Multimedia course is designed to provide in-depth knowledge on various modules to be covered in course contents.The course is designed to meet the demand of industry requirement of Multimedia Professionals.This course is oriented for web designer and Multimedia aspirants.It will enrich skills on designing aspects by exploring creative development in contemporary designing world.


Course Objectives

At the end of the course, participants should be able to:
1. Using 3D Max studio knowledge and skill for designing at various levels.
2. Creating a design,editing photos ,adding various effects.
3. Web Designing concepts
4. Design Editing and creation with Corel Draw.

Course Preview

  • 3Dx Max Course(40 Hrs.)
    • Introduction to Modeling
    • Various Types of Modeling and many advanced concepts
    • Texturing concepts and advanced texturing concepts
    • Lighting concepts and advanced lighting features
    • Max Vfx concepts including smoking,fire,tornado,environment etc.
    • Animation concepts including pendulum loop, Fk/IK,bone,biped,skinning etc.
    • Any many more...
  • Photoshop (16 Hrs)
    • Introduction to basic Photoshop concepts
    • Menus and Commands
    • Texture creation
    • Various Tools and their utilities
    • Filters ,Layers,various Effect creation
    • Any many more...
  • Corel Draw (24 Hrs.)
    • Introduction to basic Corel Draw concepts
    • Menus and Commands
    • Texture creation
    • Various Tools and their utilities
    • Filters ,Power Clip,various Effect creation
    • Editing AutoCad Drawing ,Scaling,path drawing
    • Any many more...
  • VRay (20 Hrs.)
    • Introduction to VRay
    • Basic and Advanced concepts.
    • And many more..

Who should do this course?

Prerequisite:Knowledge of Web page and HTML basics is preferable. We are also providing module for covering non-IT persons to undergo our Multimedia course and create their own identity in designing profession.

Duration of this course?

100 hours of High Quality learning.
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  • Big Data and Hadoop and many more
  • Android apps development with Phonegap
  • SEO Training (Digital Marketing course)
  • Industrial Training for all
  • Posi secte
  • Mauris tinc
  • Quia dolor
  • Cursus commo
  • Fermntum


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  • IT Infrastructure Maintanance & Support

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